How can I participate?

✔ Sign the ECI
– Only complete, correct, legible and verifiable signatures are counted.Inform, yourself and others
– Forwarding the ECI online, through Messenger, Social Media or E-mail.

✔ Inform and recommend people to sign in your immediate surroundings, also offline!

✔ Gathering Signatures
– the old fashioned way: ask family, friends and neighbours to communicate the issue whilst signing a petition. Which they can then pass on.

✔ Donate
– Every Euro counts!
– Donate to this ECI in order to strengthen administration work and visibility.

✔ Join as an Organization
– Be it large or small: NGOs, clubs, initiatives, societies, democratic
parties – let us reach our goal together!

Small clubs or big Organizations: We need your votes to protect biodiversity!
 With us, you can order flyers and photo material. Our experts will help you with any further questions. Just write us if you are missing any information.