Dear biodiversity champions,
dear supporters,

Our European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Save the bees! Protecting biodiversity and improving the habitats of insects in Europe” was approved at the end of May 2019 by the European Commission. At, every EU-European has been able to sign online since the beginning of July. In the last weeks, however, it has been made known to us that, in parallel to our ECI, various large EU environmental organisations have submitted a very similar ECI called “Save Bees and Farmers”.

In order to avoid two parallel ECIs on this important issue, we have now decided to stop collecting signatures for our own ECI and to join forces with the new ECI. Our absolute priority is to reach the common goal of a strong European species protection. The organisers of the new EBI are delighted with our decision and we, for our part, are very excited about such a promising opportunity for constructive cooperation. The new ECI “Save Bees and Farmers” was submitted to the European Commission on 31st July 2019 and the official signature collection for this new ECI will start in the autumn of 2019.

All previous signatories are thus invited to sign the new ECI in the autumn. We are extremely grateful for your support so far and ask for your understanding. We hope, with your help, and in cooperation with the originators of “Save Bees and Farmers”, to rescue the wonderful biodiversity in Europe.

Your “Wesavebees” Team